Different ways to help

Become a sustaining member and join us in helping our community grow and support making theater. You can make a donation anytime and all donations help us help the community. From developing free resources to creating fellowship opportunities for new voices, your donations go directly towards incubating new theater for new audiences.

There are a lot of different ways to do that, from contributions to campaigns to rounding up purchases. Any donations in any amount made are used to directly support our mission.

All contributions made to Theater Makers Lab are tax deductible. Please consult the IRS for important guidelines for rules around charitable giving.

Give directly via Paypal:

Give to our GoFundMe:

Shop at Walmart:

Did you know that every time you shop on Walmart.com, you can round up your change and donate it to THEATER MAKERS LAB? Learn how small acts can lead to big impact at #WalmartSparkGood https://www.walmart.com/nonprofits/ce47a098-b64c-4041-b7c9-fb06c63169ad/profile

Shop at Ebay:

Add us to your Ebay account as a favorite and a percentage of your purchase is donated to us: https://www.charity.ebay.com/charity/i/Theater-Makers-Lab/351618