Our Mission

Our mission and purpose of this company to is to support the development of new works and a new audience by providing incubator support to playwrights and independent theater makers to elevate their work, giving them access to design and technical resources as well as administrative and marketing resources, allowing them to focus on the design and creative part of their craft, and building an audience by establishing a reputation for high quality. Theater Makers Lab’s governing board is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with a shared belief in deep collaboration and that removing barriers creates opportunity for richer and more diverse storytelling.

Theater Makers Lab will develop a fellowship program and provide financial as well as production support to individuals and teams who apply and qualify for programs. A cooperative model is in the planning stages that will create opportunities for existing small companies to produce and/or extend their productions into other locations, increasing their exposure and brands into different markets around the state. Our short term goal will be to establish partnerships with venues around the state to produce shows by coop members. The long term goal will be to build a state of the art space that is capable of supporting multiple companies as a home in Central Connecticut.

Important notes:

This company is fledgling and the mission statement defined here is a living document. As we evolve, and learn more, the mission may evolve too – and we hope it does – with your input. Please join our Social Hours, sent us an email at resources@theatermakerslab.org or drop us a comment on our FB page if you have thoughts about how to strengthen this idea.