The Proposition

We hold space for theater makers to share knowledge and resources to help build a stronger community for theater. We are dedicated to theater education, sustainability and bringing all voices to the stage by removing social and financial barriers.

This giving Tuesday, help us keep theater alive and sustainable for the future!
  • According to statistics, nonprofit theater contributed $66.8 billion* to the US economy
  • Did you know that participating in the theater helps students improve in school and life?
  • Theater supports the economy is more ways than one by bringing  jobs and business to local restaurants, bars. Theater means business!

*from 2015 AEP5 (Arts & Economic Prosperity) report

The MISSION of this company to is to support the development of new works and a broader audience by providing incubator support to playwrights and independent theater makers to elevate their work. By holding space for them to focus on the creative aspects of their craft, we are able create opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds who have a shared belief in deep collaboration, that removes barriers to richer and more diverse storytelling but lack resources, both physical, financial as well as administrative.

The PLAN is to develop a cooperative with community partnerships, provide fellowships, financial as well as production support to individuals and teams who apply and qualify for our future programs. Our short term goal will be to establish partnerships with venues around the state to produce shows by coop members. The long term goal will be to build a state of the art, community space that is capable of incubating multiple companies and individual artists as a home in Central Connecticut.

What the What? Musings on the state of theatre

  • Theater Venues in CT

    Theater Makers Lab maintains this listing of theater venues as a free resource to the Connecticut Theater Community. Feel free to use the search function to quickly look up a company. If your venue is not listed, click here to Add: If your information needs to be corrected, contact us:

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  • Harrassment Policies

    Theater Makers Lab strives to prevent harassment and abuse in the Connecticut performing arts community and continues to work with theater makers to develop harrassment policies that support safe and inclusive workspaces.